This billionaire explains why Bitcoin (BTC) is the best investment there is

This billionaire explains why Bitcoin (BTC) is „the best investment there is“.

Bitcoin is loaded with goodies – In November, billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego revealed that he had no less than 10% of his cash portfolio in Bitcoin. Today, he tells us that he intends to HODLER his BTCs for quite some time, as it is one of the best investments he has ever made.

A universal means of payment, but not that

Ricardo Salinas Pliego is the second richest man in Mexico. He is the founder of Grupo Salinas, which covers many sectors, from telecoms to media and financial services.

In an interview with the crypto-media company Cointelegraph, he talks about Bitcoin Profit his investment in Bitcoin and explains the reasons for his choice.

First of all, we learn that his interest in the king of cryptos is not new. The billionaire explains that he bought his first Bitcoin in 2013, for the modest sum of 200 dollars at the time. He was thus one of the very first investors in what is today the famous Grayscale investment fund, created that year.

What attracted the businessman to Bitcoin at that time was that digital assets could be „freely traded around the world“.

After accumulating several units of what he called his „best investment“, Ricardo Pliego sold his Bitcoins in the previous bull market of 2017, when the price of BTC had reached $17,000.

A „precious“ store of value

The billionaire has since bought back bitcoins in greater numbers and at lower prices, and plans to keep them for a little while longer:

„I want to sit on it [my BTCs] for another 5 or 10 years. »

And Ricardo Pliego has another good reason for this, because in addition to facilitating and speeding up payments all over the world, the billionaire understood that Bitcoin was a „really valuable reserve of value“ against the inflation of state currencies:

„What is happening in Venezuela, Argentina, where fiat money is collapsing, has become a scandal. The way you see these wheelbarrows of Venezuelan banknotes being thrown into the dumpsters. It really opens your eyes to the problem of cash. »

Bitcoin’s last undeniable little plus cited by the rich businessman: the king of cryptos cannot be „confiscated as easily“ as fiat coins.

These are all good arguments that have made Ricardo Salinas Pliego a convinced HODLer of Bitcoin. Indeed, Bitcoin seems to completely consider Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention as a perfect way to protect itself from governments and their reckless acts in the field of money printing.