Prestti joins as a new member of Colombia Fintech


Colombia Fintech welcomed a new member. It is Prestti, a Fintech that supports with technology credit originators in Latin America. This was reported from Colombia Fintech, last September 6th.

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According to them, Prestti provides this support so that credit originators in Latin America make the lives of people who apply for credit easier, so that this becomes something „friendly, agile and from any Bitcoin Loophole device connected to the Internet. Among other things, they intend to make collection light and available 24 hours a day. „At the same time, (Prestti) gives thousands of people access to digital credit online,“ said Fintech Colombia.

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Lines of business
To provide more details, they explained that Prestti offers three lines of business, both for B2B and B2C clients:

Cygnus: Offers a financial product processing center already developed and with connections already established with third parties to digitally capture client information, validate their identity, corroborate their cell phone; consult information bureaus, restrictive lists, issue promissory notes and digital contracts; among other services.

Micredi: studies and grants low-value loans.

Destrásate: It is a digital collection robot.